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About the project

The main objective of HyperCOG is to demonstrate the potential of cyber-physical systems and data analytics to transform the process industry and associated business models.

Cyber-physical systems control and monitor physical processes using computer-based algorithms to provide useful information to operators. The cyber-physical system architecture being developed by HyperCOG will attempt to realise the concept of cognitive manufacturing, combining cognitive computing techniques (such as artificial intelligence), the Industrial Internet of Things, and advanced data analytics to optimise manufacturing processes in ways that were not previously possible.

HyperCOG will show the potential of these technologies and will evaluate their replicability and transferability to different industrial sectors. The project will demonstrate how data technologies embedded in a cyber-physical platform can streamline processes, achieve an increase in efficiency, sustainability and resource utilisation, and act as a basis for the provision of new services.

The role of MSI is the development of a software module for integration monitoring in a Cyber Physical Factory to guarantee the correct functioning and to improve the reliability. This monitoring tool will be validated in two use cases and a transferability assessment to other sectors will be realized in the second half of the project. MSI will be the exploitation leader and strongly contribute to business plan development of HYPERCOG.

Project Details

Full Name: Hyper Connected Architecture for High Cognitive Production Plants
Project ID: 869886; Start Date: 01/09/2019; Duration: 42 Months
More info: https://www.hypercog.eu/

HyperCOG - Hyper Connected Architecture for Cognitive Production Plants

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 869886