TURNKEY Solutions for the STEELMAKING sector 2018-02-07T08:16:52+01:00

TURNKEY Solutions for the STEELMAKING sector

MSIGrupo has a broad experience in the execution of turnkey projects of electrical engineering and automation in the steel industry. We have the technical skills and experience in (inter)national project execution for different types of production lines:

  • Rolling / Steel: Hot and Cold Rolling Mills, Skin pass,…
  • Process Lines: Galvanizing Lines, Pickling Lines, Annealing Lines, Tension Leveling Lines, Painting Lines, Degreasing,….
  • Finishing Lines: Slitting and Cut to Length Lines, Inspection Lines y Packing Lines, stackers, rotary shears, drawing benches,…

We also implement higher level solutions following the ISA95 pyramid:

  • SCADA : Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
  • Process Control  solutions (“level 2”)
  • IBA PDA & QDR : Data acquisition for Quality Data Recording
  • MES : Manufacturing Execution System

Projects on Energy Efficiency and Data Analysis to improve the product quality and productivity are becoming more frequently part of the scope of supply.