Manufacturing execution system (MES) 2018-01-19T12:19:20+01:00

MES: Manufacturing Execution System


Our modular MES software

Building a digital bridge between the office and the production line is the goal of an MES – Manufacturing Execution Systems – project. Our MES software DataServer will automate the information flow from the production line to the management system (ERP, LIMS,…) through real time data acquisition and will download the information on production planning from the office directly to the machines.


With the automatic identification (labels, RFID,…) of the produced units, together with the batch number reading of incoming material, full traceability is guaranteed. Additionally, also the process parameters (temperature, pressure, speed,…) are stored to know and understand better in which conditions the product has been produced.


OEE, Overall Equipment Efficiency, is the most used efficiency indicator and generated automatically by the MES DataServer based on the automated acquisition of production volumes, quality rejects and line stops.


Improve the product quality and avoid errors in machine set up by sending down automatically the new setpoints (or PLC recipe) when new production starts.


This software module includes the automatic reception of the production orders in digital format at the production line, updates in real time production quantities and priorities, etc… At the same time, the acquisition of production data will update the production order open quantity, the expected end date, etc providing a better control on the production order.


Quality data acquisition in real time with automatic decision taking will reduce the total number of rejects. The gathered quality information will be included in the product traceability and, with data analysis tools, tendencies in quality deviation or process degeneration can be identified.