Improves the performance of your WWTP

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art-ICA improves the energy efficiency of your WWTP

Improving the energy efficiency with 25% and at the same time maintaining or improving the quality requirements of the effluent, never has been so real and easy as today. art-ICA allows to monitor and visualize graphically the plant wide energy consumption, to detect and implement improvements for energy efficiency and to optimize the efficiency of the biological process by sending to the PLC optimum setpoints calculated by the advanced controller.

Smart Data Management


The data manager of art-ICA integrates and transforms easily data from different data sources into useful information about energy efficiency, making it easy to take decisions on the improvements to implement. art-ICA collects data from energy counters, process data, quality data from the laboratory, manual data from excel or proprietary data… up to data from (public) meteorological institutes.

The friendly user interface is intuitive, easy to use and to understand. It provides preconfigured graphical KPI (Key performance Indicators), especially designed for WWTP and their processes. At the same time, it is flexible enough to create your own KPI´s so it can be adapted perfectly to your needs.

art-ICA helps you to understand better your WWTP, to detect in a continuous way process improvements and, after implementing the changes, to calculate the impact as required by implementing an ISO 50.001.

The data manager of art-ICA can be adapted to the available information at the plant. It´s scoreboard calculates the different energy consumption indicators (KWh/m3; KWh/ kg COD removed; €/kg NH4 removed;….). The methodology allows to analyze visually the tendencies (daily, monthly, yearly,…) of the KPI´s, the distribution (per tariff, per hour interval, per zone,..) and to compare with baselines (of last year, mean weekly value,..) with the desired detail (plant, process, equipment)



* Comparison of daily energy consumption per water treated (KWh/m3) relative to the annual average.

* Evolution of daily consumption (€ & KWh) per process element: pumping, biological,…

* Consumption (KWh) distribution per tariff, equipment,… visualized in histograms.

* Deviation of the real consumption relative to theoretical consumption.

* …



Optimizing the process


Obtaining an energy efficiency, guaranteeing effluent quality and providing biological process stability is our goal. The automatic multi-variable controllers of art-ICA optimize the biological process, which can stand for 60% of the total energy consumption. They calculate the optimum setpoints for the sludge surplus pump, the internal recirculation pump and the external air supply and send it to the PLC with the goal to have an automatic and dynamic regulation instead of manual and static one. These setpoints are calculated in real time based on the feedback of the sensors for total mass of suspended solids in the biological treatment, nitrates concentration at the end of the denitrification zone, and ammonium concentration in the effluent.



The data manager with the specific KPI´s in the process scoreboard on one hand, the advanced controllers on the other hand, combined with the broad experience of MSI in WTTP process automation, provides significant improvements in the energy consumption of your WWTP with the following results:


*  Reduction of penalties for excess in contracted power.

*  Reduction of energy consumption in aeration up to 25%.

*  Reduction of energy consumption in pumping up to 10%.

*  Reduction of energy consumption up to 5% by moving load from expensive to cheaper tariffs.

*  Warning generation when real consumption doesn´t match expected values.

*  Easy implementation of ISO 50.001.