Improves the performance of your WWTP

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art-ICA is a service designed for WWTP plants, which combines process and automation expertise with advanced software tools and together with a proven methodology it improves the performances of your WWTP!

What can you expect from art-ICA?


1. Optimized Plant-wide Data Management

WWTP specific and user friendly data management gives you time to analyze the data and improve the complete process:

  • Integrates different Data Sources (PLC, SCADA, Laboratory, Energy, Weather…).
  • User friendly graphical process scoreboard.
  • Comes with predefined WWTP-specific KPI’s
  • Automatic daily, weekly, monthly, yearly,.. reporting.

2. Optimum setpoint application

Our advanced control strategies automatically adjust the Key operational setpoints depending to the process status.. These better setpoints impact on Energy efficiency, Water Quality, Chemical dosage, Biogas Optimization, etc… boosting the WWTP performance.

3. Better process control

Through understanding the behavior of the process parameters. Therefore we provide:

  • Automatic KPI – Key Performance Indicators – calculation
  • Automatic notification of process behavior changes – outliers detection.
  • What if scenarios analysis to evaluate process improvements before implementing.

4.Process and Automation Consultancy

Our process and automation experts will analyze together with you, your process bottlenecks, your concerns,… and transform them into improvements.

How do we do it?


Combining process and automation experience with data management technologies.

  • We use user friendly graphical process scoreboard with WWTP-specific KPI (Key performance indicators).
  • Big data analysis techniques brought to you by a user friendly interface.
  • Statistical process control applied to critical process parameters.
  • Machine Learning and advanced modeling implemented by our specialists so you only see the benefits.
  • Our process consultants are used to analyze WWTP process data and understand your process concerns and bottlenecks immediately so they can help you in the best way.

Specific KPI’s and methodology to guarantee a fast implementation.

The scalability and flexibility, adaptable to your actual and future needs.

The more than 20 years of experience of automation and control projects of MSIGrupo.

The development in close collaboration with CEIT, IK4-Research Alliance.

How do we deliver art-ICA to you?

art-ICA is a service for continuous O&M cost reduction which need only a small local software and hardware installation for data collection and can be completed with an on-site or cloud based set up of the different modules. art-ICA 2.0 Mejora la eficiencia energética de un EDAR