On Monday June 29th, CANAL ISABEL II GESTIÓN S.A. hosted in their offices in Madrid the 3rd meeting of the artICA4nr – project. The progress made during the first 12 months of this project is clearly appreciated with the following main topics :

  • Simulation of the process : CEIT showed the results to be expected  for energy consumption reduction (20 % for aeration and internal recirculation pump) together with significant effluent quality improvements once the “art-ICA”-controllers will be installed.
  • Implementation of artICA : MSIGrupo gave an overview of the integration of art-ICA in the “Navarrosillos” and “Velilla de San Antonio” WWTP of CANAL ISABEL II GESTIÓN S.A. in Madrid. At this moment the critical process parameters (energy, quality, Oxygen level,….) are monitored and visualized through the graphical user interface. Already some interesting conclusions on the working of the aeration system are made giving the plant responsible a better insight on the real working of their biological process. These data will be compared with the results obtained with the art-ICA controller activated later on this year.
  • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) : FCT -University of Lisbon, gave an interesting presentation on the work done on Life Cycle Analysis for Greenhouse Gas measurements at this moment in progress at the CHELAS plant of SIMTEJO in Lisbon. The results and insights obtained will be applied later on also at the two plants in Madrid.

artICA4nr is financed by the ECO-Innovation program (CIP-EIP-Eco-Innovation-2013) and its main goal is to speed up the market uptake of art-ICA controller of MSIGrupo, which is an advanced controller which improves the energy consumption, effluent quality and process stability of the WWTP with nitrogen removal.


More information can be found at www.eficienciaenergeticaedar.com or www.artica4nr.eu